Remember to breath

This past week I officially added another role to my playbill – MBA student. Education has always been a passion for me and getting an advanced degree is a major life goal. So I finally jumped in the deep end and applied to a part time program.

I never expected to get accepted on a Wednesday, register on Friday, and head to orientation on Saturday. Two weeks removed from that emotional blitz and attending my first face to face class brought many doubts about handling it all and more than a few nervous butterflies.

Yet here I am still ready to take it on while still being a great mom, a good friend and wife, a productive employee, and a sane woman. So I’ve asked around to others who’ve made it happen and brought the curtain down to a standing ovation.

We are all hard at work :)

We are all hard at work 🙂

Here is what my research sample had to say:

1. Reset expectations or better yet enter into it with only the expectation of enjoyment. As they told me you will miss assignments, not get straight As, have dishes piled in the sink, and occasionally wear dirty clothes, but you will be showing up smiling and that is all that matters.

2. Turn over control. Just a few years ago my husband was toiling away over the books to get his MBA and I held down the fort. I did almost everything and did my best to keep things running. It is okay to turn over the controls and switch roles. It might even be good for our relationship as long as I remember it might not get done “my way”, but it will get done.

3. Take time for me. Sleep, pamper myself, and take mental time. This is the only way to stay sane and if I am completely burnt out by the end of the program it won’t do me any good to have my MBA.

4. Enjoy the time you have. Time with friends and family will be hard to come by so when those moments sneak in be sure you are fully present. Do something special, listen, and laugh.

5. Breath. Always important to remember 🙂

So taking those tips I am ready to face this journey and keep moving like I love to do. I know many of you mommas out there are working on degrees or other activities on top of your job and motherhood so I hope you can keep all of these ideas in mind and if you have any tidbits of your own please share them. If we support each other we can all make it through sane and better for the experience.


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