30 years of . . .

cupcakeI am 30 years old! It seems so strange to say I’m that age, but very freeing at the same time. Sort of like I have gotten enough years behind me to justify my perspective on life, but enough years ahead of me to enjoy the rewards of the life to be lived.

All of a sudden I am feeling more confident and beautiful. I might notice a few wrinkles or patches that weren’t there before, but I am okay with them in a way I never was in my twenties. I find myself focused more on what I want and shackled less to the expectations of the outside world.

Even with more responsibility than I had in my twenties I smile more freely because things are no longer the grenades I made them, but fire crackers that add a little surprise and sparkle to life. I imagine the next thirty years will bring even more laughter, tears, and changes but I am ready to face them with a stronger body and spirit than I’ve ever had before.


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