An ode to leftovers

Working a full time job, volunteering, searching for a more fulfilling job, going to class, taking care of a toddler, and working on creating an outdoor oasis in our new yard led to this . . .

 An ode to leftovers

I use to think of you as soggy after thoughts,

A nasty result of poor planning.

I pitched you in the trash more times than I can count.

But I owe you an apology.

My mini-me has taught me to look at you with a fresh hunger in my eyes.

You make my morning run smoother,

You make lunch tastier than a bland brown bag.

How any parent survives without you is beyond understanding.

I promise to honor you and keep you tasty in nice containers.

I promise to cherish you as a delicious lunchtime companion.

Leftovers I owe you my weekday morning sanity and my full afternoon belly.

Leftovers you are my new friend.



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