A 30 Day Challenge and coaching for life

I have to admit I am a bit of a self-help book junky. From The Secret to Happy for No Reason I’ve read them all. I never find one to grab on to, but I do find little gems to make my life better. I have a pretty amazing life – I’ve got a loving husband, a rambunctious daughter, a supportive extended family, I’ve traveled the world and have an ocean of opportunity before me. What fascinates me about this genre is the ability to learn things from others about how I might add a little joy or gratitude to those days when I’ve lost focus of how great my life is.

blogSo I’ve taken two steps in the past few weeks – one of them massive for me – that has led to me being absent from this blog. First, I’ve added another experiment from a book on self expansion. Okay so maybe that isn’t massive considering my history in this area, but I am super excited about this one. While reading The Charge by Brendon Burchard I was inspired to follow his lead and add a monthly personal challenge to my life. He has kept it going for over 15 years! Since school, work, and family life has left little time to volunteer I am hoping to fulfill that internal need by making my first monthly challenge to help out a favorite local animal rescue in a big way. Second Hand Hounds is a great group I was introduced to several years ago and have followed ever since. (I am still trying to convince my husband if we acted as foster parents for a pet awaiting adoption we wouldn’t end up with a small herd of dogs and cats.) So instead I have set a goal to get 500 cans of soft cat food in the month of July. Message me if you want to help by donating! (ashleyrobinson0412@gmail.com)

The massive step I have taken is to enlist the help of a life coach to get me refocused and loving life to the fullest while pursuing the opportunities that will lead me to the life path I want to be on. In the past I would have never asked for this sort of help. I mean if I can’t figure out my own life how is a complete stranger going to give me relevant assistance! One session in and I’m seeing the errors of my previous ways. I will be updating you all soon on call one and the activities to get me focused. The biggest lesson learned already is you can’t do all of it alone . . . including gaining your own clarity. I am in the slogs of work, school, motherhood, being a spouse, etc that I can’t see the sliver of sunlight that will lead me to the clear joy that I’m looking for. However, if I have someone to keep me on track and provide me small exercises that I would otherwise file away for later I can see where I’m headed.

Not every journey involves a suitcase, a plane ticket, or leaving your own home for that matter. So I am looking forward to taking you all along on this new journey.