Investing in life accounts

I’ve spent the last several weeks attempting to reconnect with myself and embrace my own nature. Since my last post I have completed my sessions with my life coach and am carrying everything I learned forward with me. In fact, one of the first things I learned is what has kept me busy the last month – life accounts.

We worry so much about investing our financial resources into specific accounts; always evaluating the return. Yet we often think very little about our finite resources of time and energy and where we invest those for the biggest happiness return. A return that often leads to improvement in health, relationships, and even those much worried about finances.

So step one was deciding what six areas of my life are truly important to me. This was hard because I’ve tried for years to give full and equal attention to everything in my life . . . which is probably why I was feeling burnt out and like I had failed at so many things. By narrowing my focus to just six areas I could put my energy into the things that would enrich my life.

Rule one is Self has to be an account you focus on first and often. As is normal with women, especially moms, I suck at taking care of myself first. However, the last few months had shown me that if I am falling apart I’m no good to anyone anyway. So I am at the top of the life ledger and have been making investments more regularly – consistent runs, reading daily for fun, writing, creating, and sometimes just sitting in silence.

All of that me time felt very selfish and unacceptable at first, but it has trickled into my other life accounts and more than doubled my happiness return. Having time to focus on myself has also allowed me space to gain clarity on what my other life accounts are and what I want to achieve in them.

happiness creation1. Self – be intentional with who I am and feed my mental and physical needs.

2. Spouse – be a wife and friend to my husband and open up to share a full life with him.

3. Children – help my daughter grow into a strong and confident young woman and show her how to go after what you want.


4. Family – be an active part of a loving family that can rely on each other through thick and thin.

5. Career – love going to work everyday feeling fulfilled and challenged while giving back to the world.

6. Exploration – be led to knew destinations and experiences by my curiosity.

What are your life accounts and how will you use them to explore the world and create your happiness?



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