Two homes for the holidays

This time of year can be stressful and extremely busy as we rush between holiday events and wrapping up the end of another year. We all hit the road to see family and friends near and far. For twelve years now I have lived away from my parents and siblings; first in Kansas and now in Minnesota.

Year after year we pack up our car and make the holiday trip to Illinois along with hundreds of others. Usually I’m filled with dread at the thought of forgetting something, being on wintery roads, and the occasional arguments that are bound to break out when you have any group of people together. Last week for the Thanksgiving holiday we hit the road once again. However, this year I remembered something . . . I am lucky to have two homes.

As we head back to Illinois I always view it as heading home even though I haven’t lived there in over a decade. At the end of our stay we pack up again and head back to Minnesota and back to our home. Some people have no home and no family, but I am blessed with two homes and a large group of people to act as a beacon when my wanderlust leads me astray. I hope as we show Olivia the world we also remind her that she has a home and sometimes coming back to it is the greatest journey you can make.

Roots and Wings



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