Looking forward to 2015 . . .

Well, 2014 is over already and what a year it was! It was a year of change and growth for all of us. I started my MBA. I started a new job I adore. We welcomed a new little girl to the Benner clan. My youngest sister started college (wow I am feeling very old). Olivia moved into a new daycare class and away from the teachers we all adored (we still have to go say “hi” to her Brooke). We took Olivia on her first trip to Disney. Olivia said “I love you” for the first time!

FamilyRolling right into 2015 I know we are going to have a happy jar full of little moments like these. We are already planning and looking forward to so many things. There are six things I am excited for that with a little attention on my part will make this year the year to top.

1. Visiting new places and revisiting old places with new friends. We are already planning a camping trip to South Dakota. I’ve never been and this will also be Olivia’s first trip there and first time camping. For years I have also wanted to do a girl’s weekend with my sisters. A time where we can just focus on fun and ourselves. So we are headed to Chicago for a long weekend of good food, shopping, and a little pampering. This past year also saw the birth of a new business idea that will mean gathering stories. Starting close to home, we are headed to the Amana Colonies in Iowa for some food tasting, shopping, and a little history lesson. I can’t wait to hit the road!

2. Experiences not possessions. As I’ve gotten older and as I’ve seen people dear to me age and slow down I’ve realized even more that the experiences are what make up a life. So for this year I am focusing on not passing up opportunities that come my way for experiences that have been on my bucket list. I am going to be skydiving and traveling and we will see what else!

3. Foster friendships. With starting my MBA, a new job, and having a toddler I feel like I have let the few friendships I had developed slip away. I’ve never been the one to be the center of attention so as the person who sits back and observes making friends has always been a slow process for me. I have met some amazing people over the past year and learned a lot about them, but it is time to let them into my world a little more and set aside time to get to know them even more. I know that as I get older friendships will be even more important and I want to encourage Olivia to do the same.

4. Celebrate life events. We have had so much to celebrate these last few years, but I don’t feel like we have done it right. So this year I want to throw a special birthday party for Olivia’s third birthday. I want to celebrate my husband and mine’s further growth into our 30s. Each celebration doesn’t have to be a big blow out filled with gifts and hoopla, but they will be special and unique and build happy memories we can carry forward. Happiness jar

5. The happiness jar. Last year I started a happiness jar and this year I want to over stuff it with things big and small. This simple mason jar sits on our mantle and last year I’m sure I overlooked some little joys to write down on a scrap of paper and stuff inside.

6. And to top it all off after 10 years of waiting and signing the petitions – Crispy M&Ms are coming back to the US! Since 2005 I have had to stock up as my in-laws made trips to Australia and New Zealand, but not anymore 🙂

Crispy M&Ms2015 is going to be amazing!


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