Weekly Randomness: Family cookbooks, exotic meats and education

I cannot believe it is Friday already! Where did the week go? For me, it was lots of last minute class work (that Econ paper on ethical consumerism and branding might be some of my best work), wrestling with a toddler who can’t seem to decide if she wants to be potty trained, and avoiding all the rain.

I was able to find a few things that really grabbed my attention this week . . .

family cookbook

Leah Bhabha’s family cookbook. Photos: Leah Bhabha

The story of a family cookbook that survived the holocaust really touched me. This book of handwritten and typed recipes has been handed down for generations. Our family has been lucky enough to preserve a few favorite recipes and distribute them to everyone so at least one copy should survive. Does your family have any recipes they hand down generation to generation?

Non-traditional meats


I’m not much of a meat eater in general so I was surprised at how many of these “non-traditional” meats I’ve actually tried. I like bison more than beef and you are started to see it more places so that one was not surprising. Goat I’ve had at a Moroccan restaurant and rabbit, we enjoyed in paella in Spain. Some of the others though . . . quail, ostrich, and alligator.

Chobani partnership for education 

This story caught my attention because it mixes together several of my favorites – greek yogurt, entrepreneurship, education, and nutrition. Chobani has partnered with Discovery Education to offer virtual field trips to high schoolers that also include the chance to learn from young entrepreneurs. It is great to see a corporation giving back to the future of this country and introducing young adults to the opportunities of business.

Let me know what was of interest to you this week since I’m always looking for a new product or story to check out.

Well, I guess it is back to economics, public relations, and potty training until next week . . . the magical life of a mother 🙂


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